5 Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors 

Choosing the material for your entry door could get pretty challenging. You have to consider a lot of things, like your family’s security and safety. One of the most preferred entry doors by homeowners is the wrought iron door. The sales have been increasing dramatically, and our question is why. What benefits are you going to get by iron front doors on in your house? Read more.  

Iron Doors

Aesthetics Appeal 

Having a wrought iron entry door makes a great impression of your house. When guests come over, they will immediately notice your door. Just like the clothes we wear or the hair style we have, our doors influenced how the people view us. Wrought iron has this impeccable beauty because of its substance, weight and detailed craftsmanship. The door is not only seen as a feature of your house, it’s an art. You won’t expect that this door will transform your house, but it will. Such door is an eye catcher.   


Another benefit you get from having a wrought iron door as an entry door is the prestige that comes with it. Your house will have this classic look with the help of elegant door graced with ornamentation. Your home will look like a castle, and you’ll feel like a queen. It makes your home exceptional, especially that it’s not a common choice of homeowners.   


Aside from the aesthetics appeal that a wrought iron door brings to your home, it also added security features on your house. You will have more protection against thieves and robbers who plan to invade your house. The door has a decorative grill work that prevents a hand from opening the door, so you can assess a stranger first before you open the door for him. You can also open the window and see the person who’s outside. Wrought iron doors are made of steel, which is a fire proof material.   

Durability and Strength  

This door is made from high-quality steel measured by gauge. A high-quality wrought iron door is usually 2 inches thick or 12 gauges. The strength and durability of such door is lessened if the gauge is higher than 14. This means that your door is strong even when someone is trying to destroy it. If you really want a strong and durable door, make sure that it has been galvanized with hot zinc and performed with 10 stage processing.   


The door will greatly affect the entire style and values of your house. A wrought iron door is flexible when it comes to creativity. So if you want to be creative with the door, you can do so. You can achieve a modern design if you want, or a classical medieval castle feel. You can get whatever design you want for your house to have. You can also choose texture and color, and other choices like added elements, shape and embellishments. Remember, not all wrought iron doors are created equal so you can customize as much as you want.