Choosing the Right Roofing Company 

Choosing a high quality and properly certified roofing companies is significant and frequently a hard job for people who aren’t familiar with the roofing aspects. It is significant to choose certified contractors who would be in business to honor the warranty at some point. There are a lot of roofing companies who aren’t certified and have both poor workmanship and low quality installations.  

Roofing Company

Here are several tips and vital questions that could help you choose the right roofing company for your roof repairs and other roofing needs. 

Ask the Company for References of Past Clients 

A company that is established must have a long list of happy clients who are willing to hire them again if ever they need their services. 

Find a Company that Provides Emergency Service 

Even after their normal business hours, a company who provides emergency service would be capable of quickly addressing severe issues.  

Find a Company Who is Certified Installer of the Products they Use 

Companies that are certified could provide longer warranties on the products they use and follow firmer installation process. 

Check to know if the Company is a Member of National and Local Industry Associations 

A roofing repair company that is well-established must be a part of trade associations. Look for associations, like National Roofing Contractors Association.  

Is the Contractor Registered with the Insurance Board and Workplace Safety? Do they Include Liability Insurance? 

This is a very important tip for all the homeowners. The contractor must be in great standing with the WSIB. In addition to that, the company should also have liability insurance.  

Check to Know if the Contractor is Part of the BBB and the local Chamber of Commerce 

On the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and your local Chamber of Commerce, research all the possible companies. Look for the total business rating and remember the general size of the contractor when examining for complaints.  

Does the Contractor Provide an Estimate and Written Contract? Do they need a deposit? 

Each job prices and specifications must be provided in writing. Companies that are established with a good financial stability typically don’t need a deposit. Deposits are normal. However, you should be cautious of any company that requests more than 1/3 of the project’s overall cost.  

Does the Company Hire Subcontractors? 

Subcontractors are frequently paid on a per project basis. This could result in poor workmanship since the task would be done as fast as they could.  

Does the Company Have a Permanent Business Email, Phone, and Office Address? 

A company that is established must be capable in providing a business email, phone, and address. One sign of a company that is stable is having a permanent business address. 

How long has the Company Been in the Industry? 

A company that is established would most probably be around at some point if any issues arise.  

These are the questions and tips that you should consider whenever you are hiring a roofing contractor. There are other tips out there that you could use. It does not end here.